Hybrid Arbitrary Degree::Core 2D - Library to implement 2D schemes with edge and cell polynomials as unknowns
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HArDCore2D::Vertex Class Reference

The Vertex class provides description of a vertex. More...

#include <vertex.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Vertex (size_t iV, Vector2d coords, Mesh *mesh)
size_t global_index () const
 returns the edges global index
Vector2d coords () const
 returns the coordinates of the vertex
size_t n_cells () const
 returns the number of cells that contain the vertex
size_t n_edges () const
 returns the number of edges that contain the vertex
size_t n_vertices () const
 returns the number of vertices connected by an edge to the vertex
std::vector< Cell * > get_cells () const
 returns the list of cells containing the vertex
std::vector< Edge * > get_edges () const
 returns the list of edges containint the vertex
std::vector< Vertex * > get_vertices () const
 returns the list of vertices linked to the vertex
Cellcell (size_t i) const
 returns i-th cell containing the vertex
Edgeedge (size_t i) const
 returns i-th edge containing the vertex
Vertexvertex (size_t i) const
 returns i-th vertex linked to the vertex
bool is_boundary () const
 returns true if vertex lies on the boundary
void add_cell (Cell *cell)
 Add a new cell to the list of cells containing the vertex.
void add_edge (Edge *edge)
 Add a new edge to the list of edges containing the vertex.
void add_vertex (Vertex *vertex)
 Add a new vertex to the list of vertices connected by an edge to the vertex.
void set_boundary (bool val)
 Set the _boundary value of the vertex to val.
void set_global_index (size_t idx)
 Set the global index of the vertex to idx. Used to re-index the vertices, should essentially only be used inside Mesh::renum.

Detailed Description

The Vertex class provides description of a vertex.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Vertex()

Vertex::Vertex ( size_t  iV,
Vector2d  coords,
Mesh mesh 

A class representing a vertex of a cell for a 2D mesh. Contains a pointer to the mesh, the vertex coordinates, and cells, edges and vertices linked to that vertex. Default constructor

iVglobal vertex number
coordcoordinates of the vertex
meshpointer to the mesh

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